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Originally from Chicago, IL, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.

I aim to use photography as a medium to celebrate you and your physical body in its most natural and present state. I believe in shooting to make people feel comfortable, giving them the space simply exist in the time frame we are shooting in. 


I shoot a mix of digital and film with a focus on portraits.

Concert photography, artist promotion and branding, and still life/street photography are also in my scope of work.

I work in live events. My goal is to bring people together while promoting feelings of acceptance, encouraging others to step outside their comfort zone and create meaningful connections. I like to amplify marginalized voices, with an emphasis on promoting female and non-binary artists. I aim to continue these sentiments while learning and gaining more experience in the field.

I like to DJ. I spin house, disco, and breakbreats. And I listen to way too much psych rock. 

I design! For fun or for commissions. Event flyers and logos, social content, album covers, etc.



Currently working at Sound + Framework.

Heading 5


Selected Clients

Full Circle - Gen Zine x Framed Gallery

Los Angeles, May 1, 2021

My Warped Life Podcast

Kappa USA

Conrad Rocha


Oasis Wynwood

Lights All Night

The Luna Collective



Things I love:
the desert
reading in a park
laying in the grass
going to a ridiculous amount of concerts
the smell of jasmine, rose, and lavender
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